Thursday, August 1, 2013

TFL Please keep your rubbish with you at all times

     A few months ago, I wrote an open letter to Boris Johnson about litter in London, especially on the tubes which at times are a disgusting mess of food scraps, drink cans and newspapers. I didn’t have a response from Boris, so put my quest for cleaner trains aside until I noticed a post about trains in Mumbai.

     India is not known for being spick and span and their trains suffer over-crowding and harassment issues, but at least they're clean. I contacted the blogger and asked if all Indian trains were so clean.
Joe Brucker Taipei train
Spot the difference: London train
 Here is her response:
Its surprisingly clean on the trains - what you might see out of the window is a different thing entirely! You would never see all that paper like in your post - someone would have nabbed it to re-sell it within minutes.

India trains are clean but have other problems
     Doesn’t that tell you something about our throw-away society and how here in the ‘developed’ world we should and could do more about our waste. Perhaps Tranport for London could change those annoying announcements from Please keep your belongings with you at all times to Please keep your rubbish with you at all times and have consideration for other travellers by taking your rubbish home with you.

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