Friday, June 8, 2012

What the Royals were doing this time last year.

BBC failed to capture pomp of the occasions
Around this same time last year, the BBC were critcised for their poor coverage of the Jubilee. Is there now too much coverage of the Royal Baby

BBC coverage had lots of complaints

    It's agreed by many that the BBC Jubilee coverage was woeful. But then you could say that about many BBC productions these days. Does the problem arise from having too many children running departments? When older, wiser and more experienced staff are dumped in favour of youth, whether that be presenters or other less visible employees, mistakes inevitably arise.

     What makes BBC staff think their audience want youthful looks over intelligent comment. Do they think their audience is as shallow as they obviously are themselves? Don't fall for that old baloney that they are trying to capture the youth market either. That just doesn't make sense. Who do they think pays for the TV licence in households. Certainly not the kiddy winks.

Thank goodness for the likes of Claire Baldwin, who can string a sentence together and offer information instead of inanities like those offered up in the Jubilee commentary.

When a new Director General is appointed, let us hope that experience gets a guernsey, rather than someone who is good at self promotion and who wants to employ a lot of youngsters who will look up to them.

Perhaps that's why older staff are moved along. They can see through the pomp and are not so easily impressed.

Kate, that's the wrong royal price you're smiling at

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