Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good clean fun of gambling on the horses

Amateur jockeys take to the field in Devon

Young and old, cute and ugly made it to the races
     Who'd have thought a lush Devon valley would be the perfect setting for gambling. Over the Bank Holiday weekend, the Modbury Harriers  hosted a Point-to-Point horse race in Flete Park, once home to top amateur rider, Lord Mildmay.
    A full field of bookmakers turned out. Beating the bookies at their own game is pretty difficult, but plenty of spectators seemed to be stuffing great wads of winnings into their pockets. Perhaps the winners were the mathematicians in the crowd who have insight in to making the odds work in their favour. 
    An eclectic mix of Devonians and visitors, clothed in all sorts from tweeds and flat caps to young chaps in drag and girls in dressage, made a colourful picture of local life. Well behaved dogs seem to be a fact of country life and this event was no different: sheep dogs, labradors, golden retrievers, blood hounds, big and small, cute and ugly, young and  old; it all added to the family atmosphere.
  Who'd have thought gambling would turn out to be a wholesome affair.

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