Friday, April 7, 2017

3* Inga Simpson, Where The Trees Were

The Lachlan Valley, New South Wales
     Canberra as setting was a novelty for me. I enjoyed the cycling along its thoroughfares and roundabouts, or circles, as they are called in the capital. I loved the bush descriptions too and related instantly to those free days when children could roam and explore without fear.

     I couldn’t quite settle into the story though as Where The Trees Were swapped back and forth between adult book and children’s book. At times I felt like I was reading to my children and then it would change to adult fare of museums and government departments, which in themselves would make interesting fodder for fiction. 

     Many readers seem to love this novel, but I just found too many references to food and what Jay and her parents were having for breakfast or lunch. This read like a creative writing class. What became of the group of friends was worthy of development but tended to be lost in mundane dialogue.

     Apologies if I’m being too harsh. I plan to try Simpson’s Mr Wigg and Nest to see if it was just Where The Trees Were that didn’t hit the mark.

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